EZ-60 Fast and Easy Coin Counting Scale

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EZ-60 Coin counting scale, great for Arcades, Car Washes, Laundromats, Amusement Centers, Vending Route Drivers and Casinos.
The scale's large LCD windows display the denomination, quantity and total amount of your money accurately. Because it is a scale, there is no jamming of coins to deal with and it functions quietly in comparison to the typical coin counting machines. 
There are nine pre-set denomination keys for counting Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, Quarters and Fifty-Cent pieces and the scale can weigh up to 60 lbs. in coins and up to $1000.00 in quarters. EZ-60 Coin scale also is capable of tare settings so you can weigh in bulk with bags, buckets, boxes or trays.
The scale is AC powered and also comes equipped with an internal rechargeable battery that allows up to 200 hours of use between charges. It is very lightweight which enables easy mobility from site to site for your business. 
The EZ-60 Coin Counting scale comes with a 3 YEAR WARRANTY! (even if it’s dropped or damaged in normal use) and while we know you will be absolutely delighted with the performance and benefits of having this scale we will give you a full refund if for any reason within 30 days you find that it does not meet your business’ needs.
EZ-60 Coin Counting Scale Specifications:
  • Weight Capacity: 60 lbs.
  • Platter Size: 9” X 11”
  • Internal Resolution: 1 part in 600,000
  • Display Type: Large ½ inch, high-contrast LCD’s
  • Power: AC adapter or rechargeable 6V Internal Dry Cell battery (battery included).
  • Dimensions: 11” X 12 ¼ “ X 4 ¼ “
  • Weight: 9 lbs.
Warranty: Three-year warranty including parts and labor. If your scale should fail for any reason within the three year warranty, Changemaker will either repair or replace your unit at absolutely no charge to you. And that includes not only component failure but also damage resulting from user intervention. That's right, even if you drop it, we'll fix it for free. 
*Any catches? Theft, fire, and acts of nature are excluded, simply because we are offering a warranty, not an insurance policy.
Customer Testimonies about the EZ-60 Coin Counting Scale
Scott Estrich of N. Carolina- "absolutely much more convenient than the coin counting machine I was using. It’s fast, convenient and accurate"
Aret Akcatel of Northridge, CA- "we used coin counters before and the scale is very simple to use and I never have any problems with it." 
Ven Donthineni of Arcadia, CA- "I used to count the coins manually and I save about seven hours a week by using the scale. It saves a lot of time and I’m able to speed up and expedite my business."
Trude Town of Inver Grove Heights, MN- "it’s lightweight so I can take it from each site to the next easily."

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Lee W, 10/21/2011

This is such a great tool and worth every penny at this incredible rate. I use it weekly, and it saves a lot of time.

Reviewed by David A, 12/09/2009

In the past I used a Brandt Coin Counter and the scale is much more convenient. I can weigh all my coins in bulk and batches and there is no jamming like in the coin counter. Saves me 100% more time.